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Datasmoothie is an award winning cloud-based platform used by both small, agile teams and large organisations to quickly and easily get insights from data and share results with beautiful, interactive online reports and dashboards.

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Stop copy/pasting into Excel. Datasmoothie builds a bridge from your data to beautiful visualisations without the need for pasting anything.

Upload raw data to our servers or connect directly to your database and Datasmoothie automatically calculates weights, pivot tables, correlations and other useful statistics tailor made for your industry.

A user friendly web-based editor helps users create beautiful visualisations that work on both desktop and mobile phones.

1 report.add_header("Profit and loss sheet")
3 report.add("chart",type="HorizontalStacked",
4    data=pandas_dataframe,
5    title="Income by year",
6    legend_position="right")
8  report.add("table",
9      data=pandas_dataframe,
10     title= "Changes by year")
12  report.add("image",path=image_path,
13     width="full-screen")
15  report.publish(API_KEY)

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Use our API to automate report and dashboard generation.

Power-users can use tools such as Python Pandas or R to crunch numbers and then share them with colleagues via our API.

Once a report has been created, our web-based editor can be used to add annotations, analysis or change what types of visualisations are used.

Fine grained access control allows users to give different groups access to different pages of a report. Users in different regions might only have access to overall results and results for their own region while management gets whole picture.

Interactive charts help users see your data from a different perspective. All of our charts are interactive with clickable data points and legends on pie charts, bar charts, column charts, maps and others.

A browser based editor allows you to insert visualisations from your data in an instant. After you've uploaded the data you simply click a plus icon in the report, select the question or variable you want to visualise and an interactive mobile friendly chart appears for your and your client's pleasure.

Datasmoothie is a cloud-based software platform that allows users to bring together different sources of data, easily perform statistical analysis and publish the results in beautiful, branded interactive micro-sites.

“We are very excited about Datasmoothie. It grants us access to an entirely new level of production capabilities.”

James Griffiths, Director, Technical Operations at YouGov, a worldwide leader in market research

"A truly fresh and flexible solution to enable the delivery of engaging reports across devices."

Judges panel for the 2016 MRS award

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